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Burda, named Pusztai Pandur Naspolya in her pedigree is a blonde female from one of the most famous Hungarian hovawart kennels. Her breeder is Pálné Tóth Erika. Her mother is Pusztai Pandur Jázmin and the father is Hobo vom Schondratal.

For our family Burda is the most beautiful blonde amongst the Hovi girls. I’m often asked wether I requested my hairdresser for a shade similar to her fur, or the opposite: I chose a golden blonde puppy that almost matched my hair color?
In addition to the many standard aspects, the judges of shows also give the titles according to their subjective opinions and tastes. In any case, Burda has gotten a numerous of beautiful titles: e.g. Hungária Junior Champion and Hungária Show Champion.

It was the best decision to choose her, after all, from the first day until now she gilds our everyday lives with her kindness, calm, moderate temper, adaptability and sophisticated intelligence. Her ’smiling’ face and often his behavior that senses and signals our unspoken thoughts in advance also makes her special to us.
She is the guardian of our garden, house and even our car, we can always count on her. Thanks to her fantastic instincts when I brought her home at the age of two months old she had already chosen her guard post, the door leading to the living room, on her very first day. (Since then, she also found several favorite guard posts in the garden.)

We didn’t have to wait long for her first barking either: it was a surprisingly deep voice from a couple of months old girl.

By the time Burda arrived, Lotti, our one year old spry spaniel was already living with us. She was very happy with the new little playmate. The time, while Lotti was the ’big’, went quickly and then they were the same weight for a short time. Later when Burda reached her adult size never abused Lotti.

Burda and I went to dog school from her young age, then to various trainings – following the suggestions of her breeder, Pálné Tóth Erika. Encouraged by Erika and under her direction, we began to learn tracking. This dog sport has become a part of our daily lives.

Tracking and protection trainings also strengthen the dog-owner relationship and we are both developing. Training regularly the whole year, sometimes at dawn it is difficult to start, but the tasks performed together, the new challenges give a lot of joy and a sense of success!
Meetings and exchanges of experiences with other hovawart owners are not only useful, but also makes me become part of a new community and developing friendship.

After many titles won by Burda at several shows (4 x HPJ, Best Junior, 8 x CAC, 2 x CACIB, Res CAC, Res CACIB, 4 x BOB, 2 x BOS, Hungária Junior Champion and Hungária Show Champion) and successful work exams (BH, tracking: FPr1, FPr2, IFH-V), as well as the Character test for young dogs (JB) and Character test for adult dogs (ZTP), that was time to find a groom for her. A male who is not only handsome but also healthy, has good abilities and very friendly, can be an ideal partner for Burda regarding of the bloodline too.

The chosen one was the wonderful Czech boy named Dream Black Prim, respectable-looking, having excellent bloodline, and he is a kind black and gold male. Dream’s father is the winner of Czech Hovawart Club Show.
According to the character test Dream has an outstanding ability and he is a perfect watchdog. He protects his owner’s property in the southern part of Czechland and is a good friend of the family’s grandchildren.


On 19 February 2021 beautiful sunny early spring weather greeted us in a green part of the small Czech town where Dream and his owners were already waiting for us. The date of the coverage happened to be on ’groom’s birthday.
His owner made the remark: ’Burda is the gift for Dream!’

The ultrasound exam was performed five weeks later, and the result: coverage was successful. We were glad to hear it.
The puppies are expected on 23 April 2021.

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