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I’m Petra Jálics. Since I was a little girl became a ‘mom’ of four-legged ‘kids’ who speak a specific language. My family has always kept horses and dogs for generations. My maternal grandparents won Hungarian and international equestrian races in the 1920s and ’30s. They had a racing stable in the city of Alag near Budapest, under the leadership of my grandfather István Jeney who was a gentleman trainer, former hussar officer. I also rode horses and did vaulting for years.

In my childhood, my family had Dachshunds and German Vizslas. At that time I have already met the wonder of the puppies’ birth and growing up and the additional serious tasks. As an adult with my husband we were the happy owners of two Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, one of them a ball juggler tricky Denise, the other one her son, the honest, flatter Bruno. Then the little ’love bomb’ arrived, the smart Spaniel Lotti. We live in a house with garden, so after our Retrievers left for heavenly hunting grounds, it was clear that we also need a ’big dog’ again.   

The Hovawart breed first fascinated me with its majestic appearance. As I learned more about its nature, I decided that this versatile dog could be the next member of our family. When I met Erika Pálné Tóth, who is one of the most famous breeders of Hovawart in Hungary and has decades of experience, then I came to the conclusion to choose a puppy from her kennel. Seeing the puppies of Jázmin and Hobo, that was love at the first sight with the most golden coloured blonde little girl with the red ribbon: Naspolya. She was named Burda by my husband, and she listens to it ever since.

It is part of the history that I had to deserve to be the owner of this puppy. And that’s okay! Even before and after the puppies were born I talked a lot with Erika and visited the litter several times. She is a responsible breeder with serious experience, for this reason does not sell puppies to anyone! She tries to consider many aspects in choosing candidates who provide a suitable environment, an ideal living space for the dog, and devote a sufficient amount of time and energy to satisfy its need for being active, playful and educated.

I also got a lot of useful advices from Erika about keeping, feeding, teaching and training the Hovawart, and I have promised her to keep them and will always be grateful for those.
After all, each breed has its own characteristics those are important to be aware of. I followed her suggestions: I took Burda since her young age to dog school, shows and then various trainings. I have more info about these in OUR DOGS menu.


After many titles won by Burda at several shows (for example: Hungária Junior Champion and Hungária Show Champion) and successful work exams (BH, tracking: FPr1, FPr2, IFH-V), as well as the Character test for young dogs (JB) and Character test for adult dogs (ZTP), that was time to find a groom for her.

The chosen one was the wonderful Czech boy named Dream Black Prim, a respectable-looking, outstanding ability, excellent bloodline, kind black and gold male.

As a breeder, my opinion it is important that the offspring be healthy, have good temper and manner, main characteristics of the breed (a versatile dog) as well as the appearance peculiarities. With them the owners – existing fans and new explorers of the Hovawart breed – can spend many happy years, whether they live with them as a typical family dog, or pursue dog sports together, or enjoy dog shows.
In this respect, when looking for the right stud dog, I pay close attention not just the aesthetic features, but also to bloodline, ascendants, and character test results. I take my dog for health and genetic tests and also request these from the owner of the male.


The puppies of Burda and Dream
are expected to be born on April 23, 2021.

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